Pullet Comes to the U.S.


Audio Exchange International has introduced the newly redesigned Thermionic Culture Pullet to the U.S. market. The Pullet, a passive equalizer originally designed to complement the Earlybird preamp, is now suited to be used with any preamp available.

The Pullet provides a variable Q boost at 11 frequencies of 21 dB and simultaneously a cut at 11 frequencies of 21 dB. In addition, high top can be boosted or cut with a shelving filter. The Earlybird provides the gain make-up required after a line-level signal has been passed through the Pullet’s passive EQ network.

The preamp needs to give between 38 to 40 dB of gain make-up and ideally will have an input impedance of 1,200 ohms. Tests using a range of commercially available preamps with the Pullet have all yielded excellent results. The high input impedance (10k ohms) of the Pullet ensures optimum performance when placed in a chain after any piece of equipment.

For more information, visit AXI at www.axidistribution.com.