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Pump Audio Delivers Music for CBS Broadband Channel

CBS has selected music from Pump Audio to accompany two original series for its new broadband channel, innertube. Tracks from Pump Audio’s catalog of independent musicians provide the musical backdrop for Greek to Chic, a college-based makeover reality series that premiered in May, and BBQ Bill, an upcoming scripted sketch-comedy series.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a network that is breaking new ground in creating original programs for the Internet,” said Steve Ellis, the founder and CEO of Pump Audio. “TV programming increasingly is expanding to include new formats, and great music is a big part of making these shows an engaging viewing experience. By providing an easy way for music to be used across traditional and new media, Pump Audio offers producers and editors more opportunity to meet the growing global demand for digital content.”

Producers at CBS’ innertube used the PumpBox, Pump Audio’s advanced search software and delivery system, to find a variety of independent music across multiple genres to match the youth-oriented focus of Greek to Chic and BBQ Bill. Music is being used in all episodes of the shows.

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