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Puremagnetik Releases SID Library for Ableton Live and EXS

Puremagnetik has released Eight Bit, a comprehensive selection of 1980s SID chip samples. Recorded directly from an original 6581 SID chip (as manufactured in the Commodore 64 home computer), the Eight Bit library includes a unique palette of basses, leads and pads. Puremagnetik worked to meticulously capture the sonic qualities of the SID for the Ableton Live and EXS environments.

Eight Bit offers expressive macro control mapping for Ableton Live 6; stand-alone “Pure SID” waveforms, which contain simple constructions of the raw SID waveforms, without any effects or sample processing; extensive voice layering and effects; and more than 260 MB of sounds. Ableton Live 6 users can benefit from numerous presets for Ableton’s Sampler and Simpler instruments.

Eight Bit can load directly into EXS or any EXS translatable instrument, and has been optimized using the latest keymap and sample construction technology for expressive modulation, realistic sustains and group crossfades within the EXS environment.

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