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QSC Audio Introduces Flyable 4-Way Tri-Amped Speaker System


QSC Audio in Costa Mesa, Calif., announces the DCS SC-424-8F flyable, 4-way, tri-amplified speaker system for dome and large format cinemas that require suspended mounting of screen channels, or point source surround channels.

Both the mid-/high and low frequency enclosures are built with common dimensions to facilitate easy installation in vertical or horizontal arrays, and are constructed of heavily braced, 15mm concert tour-grade plywood. In addition, 16 M10 attachment points per enclosure are provided for safe and easy suspension.

The DCS SC-424-8F also features a unique co-ax HF/VHF diaphragm, which has less mass than traditional diaphragms, resulting in exceptional dynamic range, extended high frequency response and lower distortion.

The MHV-1090F mid-high/very-high frequency system features a high output, horn loaded 10-inch midrange cone driver and a coaxial neodymium high frequency/very-high frequency compression driver. The MHV-1090F includes a driver protection network and a passive crossover for tri-amp operation. A high power 10-inch cone driver allows operation as low as 250 Hz and up to 1,800 Hz to ensure that most of the dialog range is reproduced by a single element, for unmatched intelligibility.

The coaxial neodymium high frequency/very-high frequency compression driver offers a dramatic improvement in dynamic response, clarity and transparency, while the annular diaphragms eliminate the break up of conventional dome drivers that cause a harsh, metallic sound.

The LF-4215-8F dual-15 _(381 mm) low frequency enclosure is designed for safe and easy suspension via M10 fly points. The heavily braced, tour-grade construction cabinet provides great strength while keeping weight to a minimum.

The SC-424-8F is designed for ease of installation. The MHV-1090F and LF-4215-8F components come pre-assembled to reduce field assembly time, and both enclosures have the same dimensions to allow stacked or side-by-side arrays. Each enclosure is fitted with 16xM10 fly points for safe and secure suspension via installer-provided mounting hardware.

Also available is the companion DCS SC-424-8 system, which provides identical acoustical performance in a standard, non-suspended version.

For additional information, contact Francois Godfrey (director of sales, Cinema Division) at 714/957-7133 or [email protected], or visit