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QSC Audio Launches ‘K for Musicians’ Website

QSC Audio Products in Costa Mesa, Calif., announces its new “K for Musicians” Website, which is intended to educate musicians about QSC’s K Family of loudspeakers (K Series, KW Series) as a musical instrument amplifier or foldback monitor. The K for Musicians Website is available in English and Spanish, and offers multiple examples of how K Family loudspeakers can be used for musical instrument reproduction in common, live performance applications.

There are distinct and separate areas for Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Electronic Drums and Acoustic Drums, as well as K for Musicians artist profiles, photos and interviews. Featured artists in the various categories include Dweezil Zappa, Tony Levin, Jonathan Cain, Salo Loyo, David Mathews, Omar Hakim, Dave Weckl, and many others.

“We are quite impressed with the number of guitarists not only using our products as amplifiers, but passionately endorsing them on the many guitar forums as well,” states Ray van Straten, QSC Director of Marketing Communications. “So many electric and bass guitarists are now utilizing technology to recreate traditional amplifier sounds, whether it is from something like a Fractal Axe, a POD, a pedal, an iPad or even a laptop computer. A common instrument amplifier is going to wreak havoc on that sound as it’s already a complete signal. K Family loudspeakers let musicians play with all the expression and nuance they enjoy in the studio, and because each loudspeaker is outfitted with a 1,000-watt power module, they also provide the energy and presence found on the most powerful stage amplifiers.

“Our core design philosophy of offering sound reinforcement customers a very neutral sonic palette works extraordinarily well in all kinds of musical applications,” adds van Straten. “As a musician myself, I really appreciate the ability to focus my energy on my performance—not wrestling with the gear in search of the true expression of my sound. That’s what K for Musicians is all about.”

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