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QSC Introduces Self-Powered MD Series Loudspeakers

QSC is now shipping its MD Series self-powered loudspeakers, which are suited for applications ranging from houses of worship to hotels, casinos, nightclubs and sports facilities. The product group is a family of modular, arrayable enclosures, including the full-range models MD-FP122/64r, MD-FP122/94r, MD-FP152/64r and MD-FP152/94r.

Offering various coverage patterns employing 12- or 15-inch low frequency drivers, the new full-range, self-powered MD models all share the same 35-inch tall trapezoidal enclosure as QSC’s passive MD Series. Given the identical dimensions of the cabinets, the task of creating full-range or combined full-range/low-frequency clusters is straightforward. Designed with 30-degree angles, the self-powered MD Series enclosures can be tightly packed to insure uniform coverage in any multiple of 60 to 360 degrees. No gaps or spacers are required, and the radial front grilles form a contiguous cylindrical surface.

The PM-1000 amplifier module is designed expressly for use with two-way systems, while the PM-1400 is ideally suited for subwoofer applications. Employing dual-switching circuitry, the PM-1000 offers 800 watts at lower frequencies, while 200W of power is kept at hand for stellar performance beyond 20 kHz. Conversely, the PM-1400 uses only an LF channel, making it capable of delivering more than 1,400W into a four-ohm load.

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