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Radial Announces MC3 Studio Monitor Controller

Radial Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, announces the MC3 studio monitor controller ($TBA), a “straight wire” passive monitor switcher and headphone amp designed to provide smaller production studios with a cost effective yet high performance monitor, subwoofer and headphone management system.

Designed for active near-field monitors, the MC3 is equipped with two stereo outputs and a separate send to feed a subwoofer. Each may be precisely set using a trim control thus allowing seamless switching between loudspeakers. Separate on-off switches allow any or all to be selected at one time and an adjustable dim switch may be activated to temporarily reduce the monitor level. A single control acts as the master for quickly setting the desired listening level. All monitor switching and level controls are passive, thus ensuring no extra amplifiers are inserted in between the source recording system and playback monitors.

The MC3 is completely passive, employing “straight wires” between the input and output with gold sealed relays and a variable resistor in between. This design promises that the signal coming from the recorder to the monitors will not be altered in any way. The MC3 is equipped with a high output headphone amp that is capable of driving two sets of headphones at the same time. A separate ear-bud output makes for easy connection to iPod type environments. All outputs may be summed mono for quick phase check and AM radio listening simulation.

The unit is manufactured following Radial’s ultra heavy-duty construction, including a 14-gauge steel enclosure with a protective zone to keep switches and controls out of harm’s way. All steel cased switches and steel potentiometers provide maximum lifespan while the 100-percent discrete circuit topology is supported with a dual sided mil-spec circuit board and full ground plane to further reduce noise.

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