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Radial Engineering Purchases Komit From Burgin-McDaniel

From left: Peter Janis, Drake Williams, Kevin Burgin

Radial Engineering Ltd., based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has acquired the Komit Compressor from boutique manufacturer Burgin-McDaniel. According to Radial President Peter Janis, “This is much more than the simple acquisition of an exceptional product design; this strategic move includes our adding two of the industry’s top design engineers to our team.”

For much of the past 10 years, Kevin Burgin and Drake Williams have played central roles at Rupert Neve Designs. Before leaving Rupert Neve Designs to start Burgin-McDaniel, Burgin worked under the stewardship of Rupert Neve as primary circuit designer, where he designed the entire Portico range, including the TEC Award–winning 5042 Tape Emulator. Burgin also developed the electronics for the Taylor Guitars Expression system and the Legendary Audio Masterpiece Analog Mastering System. During this period, Williams played a key role as circuit layout and mechanical designer for Rupert Neve and was responsible for taking product concepts and turning them into reality.

“The opportunity to have two of the world’s leading audio designers join our team was an opportunity we could not resist,” Janis continues. “So as part of the deal, we agreed to purchase the Komit design and roll it into our soon to be released LunchBox Series. Kevin and Drake are already hard at work developing a complete range that will compliment API’s popular 500 series and you can be sure that we will add a bit of ‘Radial spice’ to bring it to another level.”

According to Radial, the Komit Compressor is currently going through a redesign so that it will integrate switches, LEDs and connectors that are currently in use in Radial’s production line. Radial states that this will make it easier and more cost effective to produce, which in turn will make it more affordable for the end user.

“We are very excited about having Kevin and Drake join our team and are looking forward to developing exciting and innovative products for years to come!”

For more information, contact Peter Janis at [email protected] or visit