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Radial Introduces JDX Reactor Speaker Simulator Module

Radial Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, introduces the Radial JDX Reactor module ($TBA), a combination speaker simulator and direct recording interface designed for the 500 Series format. As with the stand-alone Radial JDX Reactor, the JDX Reactor module is designed to capture both the sound of the guitar head and the speaker cabinet.

The JDX Reactor module introduces a reactive load that captures the sound of the head and the back-electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. The signal is then processed via a proprietary multi-stage bandpass filter that emulates the tone of a 4×12 half-stack cabinet.

While the original JDX stand-alone is designed primarily for stage use, the JDX Reactor module adds options for the recording environment, including an onboard lowpass filter that allows users to tame excessively bright amplifiers, a low frequency extension to replicate the tone of a 15-inch driver when recording bass, and a high output setting that switches the JDX Reactor module from 100 watts to 300 W for larger sized amps.

The JDX Reactor module can also be set to “guitar mode,” allowing users to connect a guitar directly into the module to take advantage of the exceptional speaker cabinet emulation filters. This can be supplemented by adding a distortion or overdrive for laying down tracks without having to set up a guitar amp or microphones. The JDX Reactor module features 100-percent discrete electronics throughout, transformer isolation to help eliminate ground loops, and a fully shielded back box to help eliminate stray fields from entering the device or polluting others that may be nearby inside a 500 Series module rack.

Find more information on the Radial JDX Reactor, or send email to [email protected].