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Radial Introduces SixPack 500 Series Power Rack

Radial Engineering Ltd., in Vancouver, British Columbia, announces the SixPack ($TBA), the company’s latest Workhorse power rack designed for the 500 series module format. The SixPack is a 6-slot power rack designed to accommodate all 500 Series modules, including older ones made by API.

The SixPack features 1,600 milliamps of current for more than 265 milliamps average power per slot. This allows users to mix and match solid-state and tube-based modules without concern about powering. The external supply also provides 48 volts of phantom power for mic preamps. Protective circuitry in each slot safeguards the SixPack and other connected modules against malfunction or short circuits.

The design begins with 14 gauge steel construction for added durability and improved shielding against noise. Modules may be patched in series using the FEED switch and stereo mated using the LINK function.

Extra connectivity includes ¼-inch TRS connectors wired in parallel with the XLRs for cross-patching and parallel processing. These are also wired in parallel to a set of D-Sub connectors for easy patching to and from the workstation. Two front panel XLR jacks provide access to channels 7 and 8 on the D-Sub, or they may be assigned to channels 1 and 4 to create a stereo channel strip.

Separate ground lugs on the rear panel enable the system tech to incorporate star grounding or other schemes into the studio design. Optional mounting hardware lets users recess the SixPack into the workstation or angle-mount it for a more ergonomic set up. The same hardware works double duty to enable the SixPack to be mounted into a standard 19-inch rack.

Radial Engineering states that it will begin shipping the SixPack in January 2013.

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