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Rain Recording Announces Audio + Game Workstation

Rain Recording in Ringwood, N.J., announces Solstice “Dragon Edition,” a system tailored specifically to audio production for game development. This special edition to the Solstice line of music computers is housed in a striking crimson red aluminum skin and is powered by AMD’s new “Dragon” platform to provide superior graphics and processing performance, allowing the composer to experience the game just as the user would. Solstice “Dragon” is designed to offer game development studios a powerful and stable platform for the industry standard tools used to create music and sound for games.

Solstice “Dragon Edition” addresses sound designers and composers who require a stable audio creation platform and the ability to test and deploy on a system that mirrors a game player’s own experience.

“With the game industry now rivaling Hollywood, we recognize the need for tools that address the unique challenges of the game development community,” says Rain Recording CEO Kevin Jacoby. “We’re truly excited to announce Solstice ‘Dragon Edition,’ the result of Rain’s partnership with award-winning composers who score some of the hottest games in the world, like Batman and Grand Theft Auto.”

Based on a complete platform developed by AMD for superior gaming performance, Solstice “Dragon Edition” combines the Phenom II 955 X4 quad core processor with a RAID-0 array of high performance drives and up to 16 GB of low latency memory. Users can choose up to two ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Terascale Graphics Engines, which provide a high definition visual experience and 3-D rendering.

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