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Rain Recording Introduces New Element DAW

Rain Recording unveiled the new generation of its flagship Element line of digital audio workstations, priced from $2,299. Rain’s new Element has a distinctive all-aluminum exterior combined with a balanced component architecture engineered to endure the most demanding audio production environments. Element is driven by Intel’s latest Penryn processor technology and is available in dual- and quad-core configurations with up to 6 Terabytes of high-speed storage.

The Element line offers expansion via full-size PCI Express slots, FireWire, USB 2 and eSATA ports. At its core, the Element features Rain’s Quiet Cool technology, which fine-tunes each system to prevent audio engine failure, data bottlenecks and heat build-up while enhancing stability and performance. On the outside, the all-aluminum chassis lets heat dissipate naturally so the internal cooling system can run more quietly.

The new Element’s architecture is engineered to be a robust platform for industry-standard digital audio software and hardware, including Pro Tools, SONAR, Cubase and more.

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