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Rational Acoustics Launches Website, Classes, Pro Audio Sales

Rational Acoustics LLC in Putnam, Conn., announced the launch of its new Website and official debut as a company in the professional audio industry.

Rational Acoustics LLC founding members, top row: Karen Anderson (left) and Adam Black; bottom: Jamie Anderson (left) and Calvert Dayton

Rational Acoustics LLC in Putnam, Conn., announced the launch of its new Website and official debut as a company in the professional audio industry. Founded by industry veterans Jamie Anderson, Karen Anderson, Calvert Dayton and Adam Black, Rational Acoustics will focus on providing a range of training classes and product sales within the specialized field of acoustic test and measurement and system alignment. The company is also developing a variety of new system alignment software and hardware products.

“The art and practice of system alignment is as varied and expanding as the people, equipment and applications that encompass the field,” says company CEO and resident educator Jamie Anderson. “Anyone that understands their tools can create new and effective ways to use them, and our goal is to help that process along for the benefit of the measurement community as a whole.”

Rational Acoustics’ Jamie Anderson teaching a Smaart class

Classes offered by Rational Acoustics address both general system alignment theory/practice and specific product training. “Right now our product-focused training is specific to Smaart because that is where the majority of us have recently come from,” says Anderson. “But as we continue to grow, we’ll include other measurement platforms. We’re not promoting a single product or solution; rather, we’re here to provide the best range of technologies, techniques, tools and practices to help people get their jobs done.”

Rational Acoustics will present its first Smaart training classes June 24-26 at the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown, N.J. Days one and two of the seminar focus on Smaart fundamentals and applications, while day three is for advanced users.

Products offered for sale by Rational Acoustics through its Website store (which goes live today) are a hand-picked selection of microphones, preamps, cables and other measurement peripherals which have been selected for overall quality, value and usefulness in the system measurement and tuning process. A gear selection guide, product reviews, and a user forum will all be available on the Website to help customers navigate and evaluate their product choices.

“System alignment professionals have traditionally been one of the smallest niche markets within the professional audio industry,” notes company COO Karen Anderson. “But in recent years the field of system alignment has grown substantially, going from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’ for any serious audio application. As a group, system alignment pros are very passionate and highly technical, and Rational Acoustics is here to provide them with the community support, education and tools that they deserve.”

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