RealTraps Announces Free Software and Tutorials


RealTraps has recently upgraded ModeCalc (pictured), its graphical room mode prediction software for Windows. ModeCalc is available as a free download from RealTraps' Website and helps users design a new listening room, or assess an existing room's low frequency response. RealTraps states that the new version offers a display that better identifies modes that are too close together, as well as a revised and expanded tutorial in the included Help system.

A Windows version of RealTraps' Frequency-Distance Calculator is also available on its Website. This software identifies boundary-related peaks and nulls, and distinguishes them from modal peaks and nulls. Both programs can be downloaded from

RealTraps' Acoustics Info page also offers links to acoustics-related articles and educational videos, including a video that describes in detail how to set up and acoustically treat both 2-channel and surround listening rooms.

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