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RealTraps Announces New Modular Product Line

RealTraps in New Milford, Conn., announces a new line of high-performance acoustic treatment products that are modular and require no permanent mounting. All of the modules are six inches thick and can be stacked freestanding up to a height of eight feet. A special soft non-slip material is provided to hold the traps securely, and protect them from scratching.

The system is intended for high-end mixing and mastering engineers working in smaller spaces; however, RealTraps also recommends it for regular 2-channel hi-fi listening and even home theaters.

Three module types are offered, each resting on a 2×2-foot (x6-inch) MondoTrap base: The corner bass trap modules use a 2×4-foot (x6-inch) MondoTrap; the reflection absorber modules use a 2×4-foot (x6-inch) HF style MondoTrap; and the wall modules use the RealTraps Diffusor that is also a bass trap. MondoTraps measuring 2×4-feet (x6 inches) rest above each module to treat the wall-ceiling corners.

Although the pieces are used as a modular system, they are sold individually and priced as shown on the RealTraps Prices page, ranging from $199.99 to $599.99 each with quantity discounts applied for 10 or more pieces of any type.

Because each module is six inches thick, the pieces stand freely on their own, with no holes or permanent mounting needed.

RealTraps also created a new demo video titled Hearing is Believing to describe our new modular system in depth, and let users hear what it sounds like as if they were right there in the room. Presented by RealTraps partner Doug Ferrara, graphs demonstrate a huge improvement in frequency response and decay times at all frequencies. Achieving this much improvement to below 40 Hz is said to be unprecedented for any commercial bass trap at any price.

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