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RealTraps Introduces Carrel Desktop Vocal Booth

RealTraps in New Milford, Conn., announces its new Carrel ($379.99) product, a desktop solution for capturing clear, dry sounding voice-over recordings in almost any space. The Carrel promises to create a private noise-free environment for busy offices, libraries, study rooms, telephone call centers and testing labs. Unlike typical carrels that offer only isolation, the RealTraps Carrel also absorbs ambient sounds, making the enclosed space even quieter.

The Carrel is similar to RealTraps’ Portable Vocal Booth but adds a third 2×2-foot hinged panel instead of the PVB’s microphone stand mounting base. Its expanded size creates a larger protected area than the PVB. The Carrel offers solid construction and stability, allowing it to stand freely on a table or flat surface. The bottom is covered with felt to prevent scratching.

RealTraps sells the Carrel in the fabric colors black, white, wheat, and gray, although the metal frame portion is available only in black.

For more information about the RealTraps Carrel or other RealTraps products, contact Jim Lindenschmidt via e-mail at [email protected], or call 866/732-5872 or 860/210-1870.

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