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RealTraps Introduces MiniGobo Hinged Acoustic Panels

RealTraps announces a new mounting arrangement for its existing line of bass traps and acoustic panels. MiniGobos are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to favor either isolation, bass trapping, or broadband absorption. MiniGobos are based on the company’s standard line of MiniTraps, MicroTraps and MondoTraps, using hinges to join two or more panels together as a single unit that is designed to be stable, easy to handle and self-supporting.

Hinged panels can be placed in a shallow “V” configuration at reflection points as shown.

As bass traps or broadband absorbers, MiniGobos are a portable room treatment solution that avoids the need for stands or wall mounting. Simply place the hinged panels at right angles in each corner for bass trapping, or in a shallow “V” configuration at reflection points. Standard-style MiniTraps or MondoTraps can be used for corner bass traps; for reflection points, HF-style panels can be used instead. Hinged MicroTraps are said to work well for reflection points, especially in front of a permanent fixture such as a fireplace or bookshelf.

Four 2×4 MicroGobos can be connected to form a single absorbing barrier measuring four-feet-high and eight-feet-long. Any number of MiniGobos or MicroGobos can be connected to completely surround a large drum set. The same panels can be used when recording, and again in the control room when mixing.

According to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer: “Besides their obvious use as affordable instrument gobos in recording studios, our new portable panel arrangement is equally attractive for renters. This lets people treat their rooms without mounting or installation. Even if you own your own home, often it’s desirable to be able to remove treatment from the room when entertaining visitors.”

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