RealTraps Introduces New Line of Acoustic Panels

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RealTraps announces three new acoustic panels that emphasize appearance as well as acoustic performance. RealTraps also now includes mounting hardware with all of its acoustic products.

The new Corner MondoTrap ($349.99) is 4 inches deep but offers beveled sides to nest in a corner and is said to appear to be only 1-inch deep. All other dimensions and properties are the same as a standard MondoTrap.

The Tri-Corner ($249.99) is a triangle-shaped bass trap that also measures 4 inches thick and fits in tri-corners where two walls meet the ceiling or floor. The new Tri-Corner is also said to appear to be only 1-inch thick when installed. At 32 inches on each side, its surface area is designed to tame very low bass frequencies.

The new RFZ panel ($249.99) was designed to specifically treat first reflections and measures 32x42 inches by 2 inches thick. RealTraps states that its size and shape are more appropriate than typical 2x4-foot panels and that the larger size creates a deeper “Reflection Free Zone,” whether the panel is mounted to be taller or wider. The front surface is also beveled to look more like a picture frame than an acoustic panel.

All three new products are available in various colors and can be seen in RealTraps’ new Room Setup video at

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