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Recording Devices


Sleek, ergonomically advanced and USB 2–equipped for high-speed uploading to PCs, the next-generation MZ-M200 Hi-MD recorder is ideally suited to the needs of musicians, radio broadcast professionals, journalists and houses of worship. Ensures superb recording/playback capability and significant storage capacity. Design advances include record and play capability in Hi-MD and MD formats, and ECM-DS70P stereo microphone (included). Provides exceptional audio quality, and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for extremely long recording/playback time and low-cost media. AES booth #510.

DOREMI LABS NUGGETPRO: NuggetPro is a stand-alone SD and HD video player for audio post. The NuggetPro provides perfect sync with the audio workstation timeline via its frame-accurate Sony 9-pin Chase mode. The NuggetPro’s stand-alone design is fully compatible with a majority of DAWs. NuggetPro features variable-speed playback and the ability to scrub in perfect sync within the DAW session. AES booth #1401.

GLYPH FIREWIRE800 GT SERIES: Glyph Technologies provides digital audio delivery systems and storage sub-systems for audio and video production environments. The new FireWire800 GT Series storage products incorporate sound-absorbing metal to reduce noise and Glyph’s Integrity™ FireWire hot-swap interface. All are covered by a three-year warranty and carry an additional Overnight Advance Replacement policy in the first year. AES booth #1028.

HARRISON X-DUBBER: Harrison’s new X-Dubber digital audio recorder provides 64-plus tracks of “tape-style” recording and playback, with a user interface and file-interchange system designed for the needs of audio-for-video users. The X-Dubber is the first in a series built on Linux O/S and enterprise-class open-source software. The X-Dubber is available stand-alone or integrated into a high-definition workflow system with any of Harrison’s film and video post-production consoles. AES booth #941.

MERGING TECHNOLOGIES VCUBE SE: VCube SE is a hard disk–based video record/player design for audio post-production in film and TV. Compatible with standard-definition (SD) and compressed high-definition (HD) video formats, VCube SE has been developed as a cost-effective configuration of Merging’s mainstream VCube HD-2K system and can be used as a master or slave device with any manufacturer’s DAW, VT machine or edit controller via RS-422. MMC and LTC. The system can be configured as a player-only, a player/recorder or as a multi-streaming centrally served networked configuration. AES booth #1233.

PRIMERA TECHNOLOGY BRAVO SE: The Bravo SE disc publisher is an affordable, automated CD/DVD duplication and printing system for both Mac and PC users. Bravo SE copies and prints up to 20 discs per job, hands-free. Bravo SE comes equipped with a DVD±R/CD-R combination drive that records DVDs at 16x and CDs at 40x. A 4,800 dpi printer prints full-color, photo-quality images directly onto the disc’s surface. MSRP: $1,495. AES booth #1347.

QUANTEGY NEW BLACK DIAMOND PRODUCTS: Quantegy debuts two new products in its Black Diamond line of digital recording and hard drives at AES. Come see how Quantegy matches the quality of tape and the innovation of digital recording to create drive products that will revolutionize the way you record. For more than 50 years, from analog tape to digital hard drives, Quantegy continues to lead the media industry in quality and innovation. AES booth: #1410.

SOUND DEVICES 2 FOR 7 SERIES RECORDERS: Version 2 operating firmware for its 7 Series recorders adds several new features. Available as a no-charge download for all 7 Series recorders, V. 2 adds direct recording to FireWire-connected hard drives or optical drives including DVD-RAM; FireWire bus powering of external drives; external keyboard control of all front panel controls (when using the CL-1); and remote transport control via switch closures (when using the CL-1). AES booth #1520.

STUDIO NETWORK SOLUTIONS GLOBALSAN X-4: GlobalSAN X-4 is a compact SAN for multiroom production studios using Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro or Avid. The X-4 is now shipping with 500GB, 7,200 rpm 3Gb/s SATA drives (2TB). It contains a single RAID controller and two client licenses of SAN software. Workstations can connect directly to the X-4 over Gigabit Ethernet and share RAID-protected storage as they would to a more expensive Fibre Channel SAN. AES booth #447.

TASCAM DV-RA1000HD: Stereo audio master recorder provides a pro solution to capture high-resolution audio to DVD or hard disk at up to 192k/24-bit PCM formats, and remains the most economical solution for recording Direct Stream Digital audio. It has a 60GB hard drive so that projects can be recorded, then burned to CD or DVD, making it the quintessential digital recorder for live, studio, mastering or installed apps. AES booth #202.