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Recording Devices/Editing Systems


Akai DPS24 V. 1.20

Akai’s 24-bit/96kHz DPS24 eliminates the need for complex multiproduct interfacing by combining a pro 24-track digital recorder and full-featured digital mixer with 100mm, motorized, touch-sensitive faders. The new V. 1.20 software includes Mastering tools (multiband compressor/expander, disc-at-once CD burning, dithered bit reduction), automated scene recall and Mixer Reset functions, making the DPS24 ideal for use in project studios, DVD creation, radio broadcast production and pro recording applications. MSRP: $5,499.
4710 Mercantile Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76137
817/831-9203; fax 817/222-1490

Cube-Tec AudioCube 5-D530

This multichannel, 24-bit/96kHz (dual-wire 192kHz) integrated audio workstation is configurable with eight, 16, or 24 AES/EBU I/O channels, and offers the most comprehensive selection of pro audio production tools ever assembled in a single platform. The integration of DVD-Audio authoring, CD and DSD/SACD mastering, restoration, quality-controlled automated archival and audio editing, in a self-contained workstation provides unparalleled efficiency, throughput and quality control.
34 Nelson St.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6L 3H6
905/469-8080; fax 905/469-1129

Denon DN-780R

Dual auto-reverse cassette deck with two mic inputs and Dolby B/C/HX compatibility allows for cascade recording and playback with up to 15 units. Balanced XLR option board with mono switch for +4 or -10 dB output. RS-232 control port with AMX and Crestron control codes.

Denon DN-T645

Single CD player with cassette deck combo utilizing Denon’s latest CD mechanism with MP3 playback, with two mic inputs and RS-232 control for AMX or Crestron control. The cassette mechanism is Dolby B/C/HX-compatible with quick auto reverse. Balanced XLR jacks with switchable mono out, +4 or -10.
19 Chapin Rd., Bldg. C
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
973/396-0810; fax 973/396-7459

Digidesign Digi 002

Digi 002, Digidesign’s first FireWire-based DAW, combines control surface technology and the latest Pro Tools LE software with a potent array of analog, digital and MIDI I/O. Interfacing with your computer via a single FireWire cable for the exchange of 18 channels of audio I/O, control surface and MIDI data (16 channels in/32 out), the Digi 002 represents a new level of affordable production. The unit has eight motorized faders, rotary encoders and scribble strips, and can also serve as a stand-alone digital mixer. Digi 002 will ship with over $3,000 in Digidesign and third-party plug-ins. Retail: $2,495.
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014

Fairlight DREAM Station

Pro digital audio production system in a compact “desktop”configuration, featuring Fairlight’s QDC Technology engine and offering 48 tracks of 24-bit, 96kHz recording with Binnacle editing, 56 channels of mixing, multiformat mixing and monitoring to 7.1, real-time 6-band EQ and 2-stage dynamics on all channels, dynamics on all buses, enhanced surround panning, and total dynamic automation with moving touch-sensitive rotary encoders and faders. Options include sidecar fader expansion bays, plug-in-management system, MediaLink networking, Serversound and connectivity packages. From $37,650.
844 N Seward St.
Hollywood, CA 90038
323/465-0070; fax 323/465-0080

HHB Portadrive

Portadrive combines 24-bit/96kHz 8-channel recording with flexible onboard mixing facilities in a compact, portable package for pro location recording. Features include a 20GB removable HD, 6×2 digital mixer, high-gain/low-noise mic pre’s, balanced line inputs, 8-channel AES I/O, 2-channel AES and S/PDIF outputs, 10-second prerecord buffer, timecode and sample clock sync, video sync, SCSI and RS422. Records BWF and SDII. AES31, FAT32 and Pro Tools V4/5 compliant. MSRP approximately $10,000.
743 Cochran St., Bldgs E & F
Simi Valley, CA 90365
310/319-1111; fax 310/319-1311

iZ Technology CC-24

CC-24 is a single-rackspace remote control and TFT display that can access and control up to eight RADAR units. $3,995 USD.
214 8988 Fragerton Court
Burnaby, B.C., Canada V55 5H6
800/776-1356; fax 604/430-5818

Korg D1200 Digital Recording Studio

This 12-track hard disk recorder offers 16/24-bit uncompressed recording, up to 11 simultaneous effects, 40GB hard disk, USB-based file sharing with computers and an optional CD-RW drive for producing a final CD master. An intuitive front panel guides the user through the complete song-making process. Guitar amp, cab, stomp-box and mic models are provided with three knobs for real-time control. Four inputs include two phantom-powered XLR connectors plus a dedicated guitar input.
316 South Service Rd.
Melville, NY 11747
516/333-9100; fax 516/333-9108

Network Pro Digital Music Systems DigiSAM

digiSAM is a digital touchscreen recording, editing and playback device. The system comprises a rackmount—or freestanding—control unit and a flat-panel touchscreen. It can load thousands of audio segments from any standard source, (TRS-balanced in and out, S/PDIF and high-speed CD reader), visually touchscreen edit them, and play each with the touch of a finger. It also features auto threshold record, time delay auto play, sample-accurate editing with zero latency, playlist management and more. Standard 8,000 minutes storage of stereo 44.1kHz, 96k-ready, optional mirrored drives available, and multihead configs for recording and playing simultaneously in a production environment. Retail: $3,495.
7656 Alderwood Ave.
Corona, CA 92880
909/272 3465; fax 909/272-3467

SADiE DSD Editing/Authoring System

Initially available as a stereo unit and fully upgradable to multichannel, the SADiE System is capable of producing a full Cutting Master (CM), as well as both Scarlet Book and Red Book formats. Features include DST encoding/decoding and full PCM compatibility. Up to eight channels of DSD material can be handled simultaneously. The unit is supplied as a complete turnkey system, including AIT drive and Adaptec SCSI bus with the existing powerful and familiar SADiE interface.
475 Craighead St.
Nashville, TN 37204
615/327-1140; fax 615/327-1699

Sonic Solutions LLC Sonic Studio HD V. 1.8

The Sonic Studio HD Mac-based DAW for advanced audio editing and true multiformat mastering (CD, DVD-Audio, audio for DVD-Video and SACD) supports up to 16 streams and eight I/Os of 24-bit/96kHz audio, or up to eight streams and four I/O of 24-bit, 192kHz audio, segment-based EQ and gain processing, integrated surround mixing, HD multichannel sample-rate conversion and more. All internal processing is at 48-bit resolution. Options include Sonic’s DVD authoring tools, the HDSP Plug-in Processor and proprietary NoNoise restoration software. Version 1.8 is the first release of Sonic Studio HD from Sonic Solutions LLC, and features enhanced stability and numerous user requested features.
12827 Industrial Park Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441
763/577-1535; fax 763/577-5950

Sound Chaser Studio Pro Elite

An extremely powerful native-processing DAW designed for professional environments, Studio Pro Elite’s Dual AMD 1900+ processors and 1 GB of RAM is capable of recording, editing and mixing projects with up to 64 stereo tracks. Developed for Steinberg’s Nuendo Production Software, the SPE features up to 24 channels of 24/96 I/O (or 48 channels of 24/48), and writes to a four-disk RAID array. Included is a DVD-RW drive, removable HDD, networking capabilities and FireWire.
1125 16th St., Suite 211
Arcata, CA 95521
800/549-4371; fax 707/826-2994

Tascam SX-1

The SX-1 Digital Production Environment combines automated digital mixing, hard disk recording, MIDI sequencing, extremely powerful editing, DSP effects and CD-burning capabilities in a single production unit. The SX-1 features a flexible 40-input, 32x8x8 digital mixer; 16-track hard disk recorder; highly integrated and intuitive waveform; MIDI and automation data editing; surround mixing capabilities; a 128-track MIDI sequencer; DSP plug-in technology; extensive analog, digital, MIDI and computer interfacing; and built-in timecode/sync support.
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640
323/726-0303; fax 323/727-7635