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Registration Open for Shure’s ‘Fantastic Scholastic’ Recording Competition

The registration process for Shure’s fourth “Fantastic Scholastic” recording competition for university and college students nationwide is now open until October 19, 2007. A random drawing on October 25, 2007 will determine the 10 competing schools, each of which will receive a standardized “mic locker” from Shure that must be used to complete every recording project submitted.

The names of registrants chosen as contestants in the random drawing will be posted on Shure’s Website on October 29, 2007. Dedicated mic lockers will be sent out the same day, and must be returned no later than February 11, 2008. The grand prize winner will be announced on May 10, 2008.

Competing teams from each school are required to record and mix an original piece of music, which will then be judged by a panel of industry professionals who will evaluate the recordings based upon their overall fidelity, clarity, sonic balance and creativity in selection and placement of the microphones.

The 2008 competition has been enhanced to include more prizes for more students by adding runner-up categories and additional prizes to the contest overall.

“We have been really pleased with the response, and extremely impressed with the level of competition for this contest during its first three years,” says contest coordinator, Shure Market Development Specialist Dave Mendez. “This contest is a great way for us to show our support for everyone involved in recording education, and we are pleased to reward even more of the talented students who participate.”

For more information, visit Shure’s Website.