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ReverbNation, SoundExchange Partner to Get Artists Paid

ReverbNation in New York City—a leading marketing platform for more than 500,000 artists, labels, managers and venues—announces that it has partnered with nonprofit performance-rights organization SoundExchange to assist in registering and paying thousands of artists and copyright holders who are due performance royalties for the playing of their recordings on satellite, Internet and cable TV music stations.

“Because of their enormous level of engagement with artists across the entire spectrum of genre, experience and exposure levels, SoundExchange sought out ReverbNation as a logical partner with which to conduct our program to educate and register artists for whom we have collected performance royalties,” says Bryan Calhoun, vice president of new media and external affairs at SoundExchange. “Our goal, with ReverbNation’s help, is to inform every artist and rights holder for whom we have money and get it to them ASAP.”

“When SoundExchange approached us about getting money into the hands of the artists who have earned it, we didn’t hesitate,” says Lou Plaia, ReverbNation co-founder and vice president of artist relations. “ReverbNation exists to help artists earn money from their art and manage their fan relationships to that end.”

ReverbNation states that it sent e-mail notification to site-participating artists who are due payment with links for SoundExchange’s online registration, so that they can receive payment.

ReverbNation and SoundExchange encourage artists and labels who may be due compensation for recordings streamed on satellite, Internet or cable radio, to visit or send e-mail to [email protected].