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Review: Cerwin-Vega P1000X P-Series Loudspeakers

A 3-channel PPA powered enclosure featuring Cerwin-Vega quality sound and rugged construction.

The P-Series is one of two powered live loudspeaker lines by Cerwin-Vega, the other being C-V’s flagship CVA Series—quite possibly the best all-around PPA (portable P.A.) gear I’ve ever used. The P-Series incorporates some notable CVA-influenced features as well as a variety of unique and useful touches too. For this review, I received a P1000X pair (at $699 street, each), a two-way bi-amped full-range bass-reflex speaker featuring a 10-inch LF driver and a 1 3/4-inch HF driver; polypropylene cabinet with steel accents and handles incorporating a flush waveguide and 18 gauge perforated steel grille; and a Class D amp providing 1,000 W of peak power.

The P1000X is compact for what it offers, with dimensions of 25.5 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches and a weight of 37 pounds. Frequency response is relatively flat and balanced for PPA gear, at a reported 61.0 Hz to 20.6 kHz, (±3 dB), with a 128 dB maximum SPL (1 W @1 m).

I/O for the 3-channel mixer includes Neutrik XLR/TRS inputs on channels 1 and 2, switchable mic-DI or line plus an XLR throughput each; dual quarter-inch TS line inputs on channel 3; and a mix output on XLR. EQ-based parameters include Enhanced EQ (contour adjustment with feedback-reducing midrange attenuation); Vega Bass Boost (LF gain); and a High Pass Filter (attenuation below 80 Hz), each with on/off switches.

After several months of use in a half-dozen gig applications—club/theater, outdoor venue and rehearsal use—I found the P1000X to be a great stage monitor and main speaker (when used as a pair coupled with a powered subwoofer). It’s plenty powerful in most PPA applications and seems to be physically overbuilt in typical Cerwin-Vega fashion, with an overall better and thicker grade of polypropylene than I find in the vast majority of PPA products.

However, if shopping for active PPA gear today, I’d honestly choose an older Cerwin-Vega full-range model—the more compact, tour grade-built Active Series CVA-28 dual 8-inch speaker (at $599 street, each, with 800W peak power) over the P1000X; there are several products very comparable to the P1000X in the market yet nothing out there quite like the CVA Series. That said, for those looking for a more traditional PPA powered enclosure with Cerwin-Vega’s well-earned reputation for quality sound and rugged construction, the P1000X is a very worthy choice and notably user-friendly to boot.

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