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Review: D&A H-0600 Hydra Triple Guitar Stand

By Rich Tozzoli. I didn’t realize the importance of a guitar stand until I used this one on a full session.

A guitar stand in Pro Sound News? Well, yes, actually. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize the importance and value of until you use it on a full session. I tend to use several guitars per track, layering them to get a fuller sound. Since I play bass as well on much my TV work, I also have a variety of them on hand. 

My go-to guitars are a chambered Les Paul standard, D’Angelico Excel SS and handful of Telecasters, but lately my favorite studio tool has been a classic Gibson Firebird. And one thing for sure is that Firebirds and rack guitar stands do not get along. The unique shape, dating back to its 1963 design by car designer Ray Dietrich, means it simply falls out of most stands.

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The Hydra Triple features room for three instruments, with six equally angled legs for maximum stability. It’s gravity-activated with a locking yoke (covered with a soft thermal polymer) that literally grabs your guitar. The height can be adjusted with a single knob and the whole thing folds down to about half its size. You can practically throw the guitar into the stand and it’s not going anywhere. 

Oh, and it fits a Gibson Firebird perfectly.

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