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Review: FabFilter Saturn Plug-In

By Rich Tozzoli. FabFilter Saturn offers a range of distortion models inspired by the vintage sound of tubes, tape and guitar amps.

What a special tool this is. Saturn is a flexible multiband saturation, distortion and amp modeling plug-in with a ton of possibilities. I use it for a variety of purposes, mostly in the realm of filtering and what I call “sonic sound design” of rhythmic elements. It’s got a crazy modulation section that is easiest explored by clicking through some presets, but to me, the power comes in exploring the bands that can be flexibly moved, soloed and tweaked.

FabFilter Unveils Pro-R Plug-In, by Strother Bullins, Nov. 15, 2016

Each band (up to six) can be tone-shaped and saturated, with sounds ranging from Clean Tube to Destroy, and you can automate them for creative results. This lets you really push or pull sounds in ways that honestly no other plug-in can do. In the online audio example, I took a standard percussion loop and turned it into something edgy by pushing an upper mid band up and featuring a Broken Tube crunch, while cutting the other bands around it. I find that when I need to get something to cut through a mix, Saturn can always get the job done.

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