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Review: Soyuz SU-013 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

By Mike Dwyer. This mic shows the same excellent build quality that we’ve come to expect from Soyuz.

We’ve had a pair of Soyuz SU-011s at the Clubhouse for some time now and have used them on multiple hit records, so we were excited to try out the SU-013 and see how it compares to its tube counterpart. This mic shows the same excellent build quality that we’ve come to expect from Soyuz. 

Weighing in at just under half a pound each, these mics feel solid. Designed and crafted entirely in Russia, they come packaged in a foam-lined Siberian hardwood box and include a 10 dB pad and a mic clip. We tested the SU-013 with the stock cardioid capsule, but omni and hypercardioid capsules are also available.

Review: Soyuz SU-017 and SU-011 Condensers, by Rich Tozzoli, April 5, 2016

On this TV-focused session, we had the pleasure of recording drummer Daniel Glass, so we decided to see how the SU-013s performed on overhead duty in a spaced pair configuration. The first words that came to our minds when hearing them were “clear and warm,” almost like they were going through tubes. With just a gentle presence boost, they have plenty of clarity while still retaining that classic sound. It allowed us to capture a really nice balance of cymbals and shells.

Compared to the SU-011, these sound a bit tighter in the low end and seem to have a faster transient response while still retaining much of the character and vibe that made us fall in love with Soyuz, thanks to its custom-wound transformer. Importantly, the SU-013 also takes EQ and compression extremely well. Come mix time, if you find yourself needing a little extra brightness, you can bring out plenty of sheen without any sign of harshness. We may have found our new go-to overhead mics!

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