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Field Test: RDE NT2000

More than 35 years ago, Henry and Astrid Freedman founded their Australian-based Freedman Group of companies to design, manufacture and install pro audio gear.


Audio-Technica AT3060

The AT3060 tube condenser microphone is a new addition to Audio-Technica's 30 Series but with a twist: Its onboard tube electronics are 48-volt, phantom-powered...


Shure ULX Wireless System

Long before Shure entered the wireless market, concert engineers specified cordless mics with SM58 or SM87 capsules. Since introducing its own UHF system


Schoeps DSP-4P

The Schoeps DSP-4P ($3,850) is described by the company as a digital microphone processor for the PolarFlex system. What does the PolarFlex system do,


Royer R-122

Until now, fans of ribbon mics have had to put up with the historic drawbacks of such transducer designs, including low-output level (usually requiring


DPA Microphones 3532-T

The DPA Microphones 3532-T stereo microphone kit is a great introduction to recording with spaced-pair, omnidirectional microphones. Packaged in a spill-proof,

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