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Ina-GRM GRM Tools ST

GRM Tools ST (Spectral Transform) adds four exceptional processors — Contrast, Equalize, Freq Warp and Shift — to a plug-in family already packed with...


Cakewalk Project5

Project5 is the new synth/sampler/drum machine-in-a-virtual-rack application from Cakewalk. This is not a new idea, but Project5 is different from many of its predecessors...


Tascam DS-M7.1

Before the 1980s, there was very little cross-pollination between the monitor features of music recording and film re-recording consoles. The former assumed


PrismSound dScope Series III

Perhaps better known for its Dream Series of no-compromise A/D and D/A converters and Maselec high-performance analog processors, PrismSound started developing


Field Test: NTI Digilyzer

How many times have you connected two pieces of digital gear together only to end up having bizarre things happen? Or worse, nothing? Enter...



RDE has answered the call for a high-quality, midpriced stereo microphone with the introduction of the NT4 ($899). The NT4 features a pair of...


M-Audio SP-5B

There was a time when, even in recent memory, someone who was shopping for a good pair of bi-amplified studio monitors needed more than...


Sound Devices 442

A review of a new field mixer might appear, at first glance, to be of limited interest to Mix readers. Even though the dialog...


AlterMedia Studio Suite 5

When Mix magazine called to ask if I'd like to test-drive AlterMedia's Studio Suite Version 5 studio-management software, I jumped at the chance. For


Voyager Sound Announces GraphMix 01

Voyager Sound Inc. (Weston, Ma.) introduced its GraphiMix 01TM, the first in a series of audio mix software products that enhances control of MIDI-compatible


Digidesign Soft SampleCell

SampleCell has been a mainstay of Mac-based musicians and sound designers for a number of years. The software integrates perfectly with any sequencer


Steinberg VST System Link

Steinberg, which invented VST (Virtual Studio Technology) in 1996, debuts VST System Link, a new protocol for interconnecting multiple computers by way

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