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Native Instruments Vokator

Virtual Vocoder/Processor/Synth/Sampler Today, improved technology has resulted in much more powerful vocoders than their disco/new wave-era counterparts ever hoped to be.


PSPaudioware VintageWarmer

PSPaudioware's VintageWarmer plug-in delivers creamy-sounding dynamics processing in two flavors: via its wideband compression (with shelving pre-equalization) and multiband compression modes (the latter followed...


IK Multimedia T-Racks 24

IK Multimedia's T-Racks stand-alone mastering software for PC and Mac is now available in a 24-bit version. The suite consists of a 6-band stereo...


TC|Works Spark XL

The newest version of Spark by TC|Works, Spark XL, packs more than enough improvements and features to warrant the label in its name. I...


Native Instruments Absynth

Native Instruments' Absynth exploits the vast potential of computer-based, virtually modeled analog synthesis. Synthesizer sound-generation techniques,

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