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Right Track Chooses Blue Sky for New Studios

Blue Sky’s 5.1 systems installed in Right Track's new studio suites and are already in use on a range of projects, including surround remixes of classic David Bowie live performances

New York City-based Right Track Recording’s two new production suites, which were brought on line early this year, are each equipped with a Sky System One 5.1 surround monitoring system from Blue Sky. Engineer/producer Tony Visconti has already employed the monitors for work on multichannel remixes of David Bowie’s 1974 concert at the Tower in Philadelphia.

The new studios are also fitted with extensive Pro Tools systems and Yamaha digital mixing consoles. “These new studios perfectly complement the main scoring studio,” said Ed Evans, technical director at Right Track Recording and the designer of the production suites. “They provide flexible spaces that help support projects in the main scoring studio or individual mixing or overdub sessions. Making the best use of the space was a critical concern, and the choice of technologies to achieve that was important. After extensive testing of a number of monitors, the Sky System One from Blue Sky proved far and away to be the best choice. It offers great sound, sophisticated bass management, incredible carity and accurate imaging, all at a highly cost-effective price.”

Evans installed the Blue Sky monitoring systems using pedestal mounts, allowing individual users of the suites to configure the system to their needs. “For a satellite-type monitoring system, they reach pretty substantial SPL levels,” Evans noted. “And they do it while providing consistently good sound across a wide frequency spectrum. For the money, there’s nothing that can touch them.”

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