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Robert Carranza Uses Dangerous Music Gear on Latest Projects

Robert Carranza (pictured), a three-time Grammy-winning producer and engineer based in Los Angeles, recently finished recording and mixing Ozomatli’s new album, and has begun working with Baller Banks (Record Collection/Warner Bros.). Carranza also recently mixed Ricky Martin and Dirtie Blond, and recorded Mars Volta and Los Lobos. He also produced, engineered and mixed the most recent Jack Johnson release, which entered the Billboard charts at Number One.

Carranza uses the Dangerous Music 2-BUS summing amp and added the Dangerous Monitor, Dangerous MQ and Dangerous Master to his core equipment setup.

“I come from the realm of mixing based on analog consoles,” he says. “I had been mixing extensively with DAWs, but I never felt they gave me the sound that I wanted. I went on a mission to try all the different summing amps out there, and when I hit the Dangerous, I said, ‘That’s it!’ Running my DAW with the Dangerous 2-BUS on the back end added all this depth and width to the mix. There’s such a noticeable benefit using the 2-BUS compared to mixing in-the-box.”

Carranza engineered and mixed Jack Johnson’s 2005 album In Between Dreams through the Dangerous 2-BUS. “People have told us that it’s the best sounding record he’s made,” he adds. He also recently mixed Johnson’s hit album Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Curious George Film using his Dangerous Music rig, as well as several of the tunes from the upcoming Ozomatli album. “It’s my go-to piece of equipment. The Dangerous 2-BUS sounds the way you want it to—there’s no frequency bump. It never gets in the way of the music. It’s so versatile, I can use it for submixing or tracking multiple guitar amps.”

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