Roland Systems Group Announces Product Updates at ISE Show


At this week's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Roland Systems Group announced a feature update for the R-1000 multichannel recorder/player, a firmware update for its S-4000 Series Digital Snake Systems, and a Mac version of Remote Control Software for its Digital Snake and Personal Mixing System.

Roland Systems Group R-1000

The Version 1.1 update for the R-1000—a dedicated 48-track recorder/player for live production—enables playback to be driven by markers, which is ideal for theater applications, which can require playing to a set point and then continuing playing from that point forward on cue. New functionality also includes pan settings for each track when monitoring the sound from the R-1000 itself. The update also includes the ability to import multiple projects at one time, copy songs/folders within or between projects, change start time of playback, change the order of songs in sequential playback mode, and import Pro Tools WAV files. Additional firmware updates support the R-1000RCS (PC/Mac software) including export track name function, RS-232C command controls for track status, and preamp gain control with phantom power on/off.

The R-1000 firmware Version 1.1 will be available for download in February 2012 via the Roland Systems Group’s Website. To download the new firmware, visit and select R-1000.

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Roland Systems Group S-4000H 8x32 digital snake head

A new firmware update for Roland's S-4000 Series Digital Snake Systems allows the S-4000H 8x32 digital snake head to support sample rates of 48 and 44.1 kHz in addition to 96 kHz. This enables the unit be used in V-Mixing System configurations, especially as an analog breakout box. The update provides control of preamps of the S-4000S set in REAC Master mode using the S-4000R or S-4000 Remote Control Software (PC/Mac) without the need for slave equipment or the M-48 personal mixers present. This allows new uses of the digital-snake head such as a 40-input front end to a SONAR REAC Recording system, all connected to a PC via a Cat-5e/Cat-6 cable.

Roland Systems Group states that the S-4000 Digital Snake System Version 2.500 firmware update will be availablein mid-February. Visit and select the digital snake model you are updating.

Finally, at ISE Roland Systems Group announced the release of the Mac version of its S-4000 Remote Control Software (RCS). This new software release has the same functionality as the S-4000RCS for PC which provides the setup and control mechanism for the Personal Mixing and Digital Snake systems. The software enables the M-48 Personal Mixer and other Digital Snake products to be used stand-alone or with any other digital mixing console. The S-4000 RCS software for Mac controls all the various setup, configuration and monitoring parameters of the M-48 Personal Mixing System when connected via any Digital Snake head unit or the S-MADI REAC Bridge. The S-MADI Bridge is a bi-directional signal converter between REAC and MADI that enables connectivity between MADI equipped digital audio mixers/systems to any of Roland’s REAC products.

The S-4000RCS Mac Version 2.2 will be available mid-February for download

from the Roland Systems Group web site. Visit