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Rupert Neve Designs Announces Portico 5014

Rupert Neve Designs announces the Portico 5014 Stereo Field Editor for mix, mastering and live sound engineers. It allows users to control stereo ambience with its width adjustment, position images forward or backward in the stereo field with its depth control, and further manipulate source material with its difference channel EQ and insert.

The 5014 is designed with the same half-rack dimensions as the rest of the Portico range, is available in horizontal or vertical formats and employs Mr. Rupert Neve’s custom transformer designs. The sounds that may be distilled from an ordinary digital signal with the 5014 are achieved entirely in the analog domain using Mr. Neve’s discrete component circuits, which encompass level controls, phase inversion and a sum and difference network with three key features for effecting stereo sources.

The width control enables the user to add to or reduce the width of a stereo image (wide/mono) and adjust the level of ambience inherent in the recording. The depth control adjusts the spatial positioning of elements in a soundstage. For example, a lead instrument or vocal can be placed up front in a mix and supporting instruments can be pushed back. The difference channel insert and EQ create new opportunities to manipulate stereo signals. In mastering use, lead vocals can be brought up or down in a mix and excessively sibilant overheads can be controlled.

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