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Rupert Neve Designs Launches Portico 5043

Rupert Neve Designs has launched the Portico 5043 Limiter-Compressor Duo, which delivers two channels of dynamics as well as brickwall limiting in a half-rackspace. The 5043 features fully controllable dual mono or stereo operation plus feedforward/feedback detection switching.

Each channel encompasses individually controllable threshold, makeup gain from -6 to +20 dB, ratio and VCA detection mode (feedforward/feedback). The channels may be used independently or connected in sequence to provide two separate control slopes on a single source. The DC control circuits may be linked via a front panel push-button so that the level of each channel may be held in a constant relationship for stereo operation. With the compressor inactive, the 5043 may be used as a transformer-coupled, high-performance line amplifier.

Rear panel connections are provided to enable the linking of multiple Portico 5043s. The 5043 can link both internal control lines or additional 5043s, enabling one of them to serve as “master.” When either the bus or line-level input is selected, custom-designed transformers couple the input and output to create a true floating ground, ensuring compatibility with modules outside of the Portico range.

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