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SAE Institute Miami Begins Digital Games Animation and Post-Production Programs

SAE Institute has created Digital Games Animation and Digital Post Production programs, which will begin on September 18, 2006 at the SAE Miami campus. The new courses will offer students full-term educational paths in the growing entertainment media industry areas of visual effects and 3-D games animation, as well as providing a complete and in-depth curriculum for serious multimedia artists and developers.

The Digital Games Animation program will provide professional training in creative process development, character development and design, 3-D animation, graphic texturing and scene lighting, as well as business management tactics.

The Digital Post Production program will offer training on the latest post-production consoles and workstations, digital video equipment, and other digital production tools. Students will also gain full working knowledge of standard and advanced industry techniques in areas such as rotoscoping, live action compositing, 3-D animatic development, non-linear editing, HD camera operation and practical digital media distribution.

As with all diploma-awarding programs, students enrolling in either new program will receive a production-quality laptop computer and relevant professional software from leading manufacturers in the digital multimedia production industry. These will integrate seamlessly with SAE Miami’s networked group of high-end animation and compositing workstations, studios and editing suites.

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