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Sandy Schroeder Receives NSCA Lifetime Achievement Award

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) named Sandy Schroeder as the recipient of its 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award

Shure’s Sandy Schroeder (left) and NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) named Sandy Schroeder as the recipient of its 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award, which is given annually to an individual making exceptional contributions to the industry at large. Schroeder, who has spent most of his career holding a number of marketing and sales titles at Shure Inc., graciously accepted the award during a special presentation made at this year’s President’s Reception at NSCA Expo in Orlando, Fla.

“I have known Sandy for more than 20 years,” notes NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson. “His career has been filled with service to our industry, dedication to improving our association and strong professional ethics. I cannot think of a finer gentleman who is more deserving of NSCA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Since the late ’80s, Schroeder has served the NSCA on its Expo committee and industry advisory board, given support to its leadership conferences and assisted in the sponsorship of countless Expo events, ranging from the Expo Jam to training sessions. For nearly a decade, he has also led funding drives on behalf of the NSCA Education Foundation that have routinely netted five- and six-figure sums, and has been instrumental in encouraging other manufacturers to contribute as well through a matching campaign championed by both Shure and Atlas Sound.

“Education, training and certification are vital to the health of this industry,” Schroeder says. “On both corporate and individual levels, our true net worth lies not in the monetary profits we are capable of earning, but rather in what we can give back to others. Furthering education insures a better tomorrow for everyone by building a working world of qualified, intelligent professionals.”

With May 31 of this year marking his last day with Shure before officially retiring, Schroeder’s NSCA Lifetime Achievement Award serves as a crowning point to 27 years he has dedicated to the company.

“My greatest pleasure has been working with the people I’ve met throughout the industry,” he confides. “I’ll always relish the friendship and camaraderie I’ve found.”

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