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Sanken Introduces COS-11x Lavalier Microphone

At the 123rd AES convention October 5-8 in New York City’s Javits Center, Sanken is introducing the COS-11x lavalier microphone, designed to meet today’s HD audio standards while satisfying the concealment requirements of film, video and theater. The COS-11x is optimized for the human voice and uses an original vertical placement of the diaphragm for a greater effective area within an extremely small casing.

The COS-11x features a new front mesh screen that is water resistant to protect the microphone from perspiration and cosmetics, promising superb frequency response in adverse recording conditions. In addition, the water-resistant COS-11x is recommended for outdoor shooting in foul weather.

To increase the scope of the mic’s applications, four colors are now available in the COS-11x Series: black, gray, beige and white. Soft and pliable cabling and clamp design promises long-term durability when the microphone is attached to costumes and pulled through clothing or hair.

The entire line of Sanken microphones will be on display at AES booth #808.

For more information, visit Sanken’s U.S. distributor, plus24, at