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Sarah Ayers Band Records at StarCity Recording Company

Vocalist Sarah Ayers (left) records with StarCity Recording Company engineer/producer Zak Rizvi.

The Sarah Ayers Band—a quartet known for its unique blend of blues, funk and rock—recently concluded sessions at StarCity Recording Company in Bethlehem, Penn. for their untitled second album, which is expected to be released in December 2006. The Sarah Ayers Band is self-producing the album using the studio’s state-of-the-art facilities and working alongside StarCity engineer/producer Zak Rizvi, with guidance and support from noted producer and StarCity’s executive vice president, Jeff Glixman.

“We recorded our first release at a smaller studio and quickly sold almost 3,000 CDs,” says Ayers. “When it came time to begin working on our next release, we decided to look for a studio providing a higher level of service. StarCity offered the professionalism, equipment and efficiency we needed. Also, its location was very appealing.”

The Sarah Ayers Band comprises Dave Smith on guitar, Suavek Zaniesienko on bass, Jim Ruffi on drums and Ayers on lead vocals. The band has been together for three years, performing in the Pennsylvania region and touring the East Coast. The band’s newest album comprises 12 tracks, including original music and a few covers. The band used its own instruments and amps for the album along with StarCity’s microphones, Hammond C3 organ and Leslie cabinet.

“StarCity Recording Company has been an all-around positive experience,” concludes Ayers. “Recording is usually not this painless. I had been told that StarCity was good, I had been told that it was different from the rest, but it wasn’t until I went there that I saw how different! It’s really a full service studio—anything we needed, it was there.”

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