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SE Electronics Introduces Reflexion Filter

SE Electronics’ Reflexion Filter is a portable, composite wall comprised of six layers (including aluminum and wool) for reducing unwanted room ambience when recording vocals or instruments. It can be positioned behind any microphone with an included, variable position stand-clamp assembly. The Reflexion Filter is designed for use in studios that lack proper acoustic treatment and can also be used in control rooms or to reduce ambient noise in rehearsal studios.

The main absorber comprises formed pieces of polyester fiberboard (a patented design) that are attached via extended separation rods, which absorb and then diffuse sound waves as they pass to the main filter. The various layers both absorb and diffuse sound waves. The Reflexion Filter also helps prevent reflected sound from reaching the mic’s rear and sides. The Reflexion Filter’s shape and size have been carefully tested to maximize absorption while keeping its coloration at around 1 dB, leaving the mic’s polar pattern unaffected.

The stand assembly comprises a horizontal bar for attaching the Reflexion Filter and any standard shock-mount. The shock-mounted microphone and the Reflexion Filter can be moved both vertically and horizontally along the bar to obtain the optimum working position.

For more information, visit Sonic Distribution (SE Electronics’ U.S. distributor) at or SE Electronics at