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Sennheiser Announces New Products at InfoComm

At InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas, Sennheiser featured K-array’s new Kobra, Redline and KH4 line array loudspeakers; new versions of Sennheiser’s professional wireless products; and announced the launch of its first single-sided, ear-worn microphones.

Sennheiser KH4 self-powered two-way line array speaker

Sennheiser offers K-array loudspeakers as an extremely high quality, flexible solution for a wide range of possible live audio and installed sound applications, including theaters, clubs, outdoor venues, corporate, institutional facilities, houses of worship and many others. All of K-array’s speakers are manufactured in Italy and promise to deliver high sound pressure levels and crisp frequency response with a diminutive physical footprint. Additionally, the speakers’ sleek design and subtle appearance make them adaptable to a wide range of possible installation environments, indoor or outdoor, large or small.

The Kobra KK50vb is a 3-D line array speaker system measuring 2.2 inches deep and weighing 5.5 pounds. It promises crisp audio across its entire frequency range, with a peak output of 120 dB. The KK50vb can change vertical coverage from 7 degrees to 120 degrees with the flip of a switch. It features a rugged military spec enclosure that can withstand the demands of touring, and can be flexibly mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Sennheiser Redline KR200 two-way system

The Redline KR200 is a highly portable, powered two-way system designed for use in both mobile and install applications. Its ultra-slim satellite features a line array of 32 2-inch, high-efficiency drive units with neodymium magnet structures for maximum linear excursion of sound with minimal noise. The KR200s are designed for theater, concert halls, clubs, houses of worship and other applications.

The KH4 is a self-powered two-way line array speaker that offers a reserve of power for very high SPL, while maintaining superior sound quality. It is recommended for longer throw applications in larger venues, and measures 6.3 inches flat and weighs 104 pounds for use in more compact venues as well. It features 12 eight-inch cone drivers for low-midrange frequencies and is powered by six power amplifier channels. The midrange-high frequency section uses five 1.75-inch voice coil compression drivers that drive 1×4-inch constant directivity waveguides. An internal DSP module, backed by dedicated remote control software, drives the transducers; this allows control of the speaker from a PC.

Sennheiser EM 3732-II twin receiver

The EM 3732-II twin receiver and the SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter feature a switching bandwidth of up to 184 MHz and have a special mode for more interference-free transmission frequencies so that sound engineers can adapt to worldwide transmission conditions more easily and avoid interference from other transmitter with excellent channel separation and strong signal immunity. The doubled switching bandwidth is said to enhance the flexibility and versatility of the EM 3732-II receiver and its sister models, the EM 3731-II and EM 3732-COM-II.

Sennheiser SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter

The SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter also offers a “Low Intermodulation” mode for reducing transmitter intermodulation. It is powered by one AA cell—a special asset for broadcasting applications, musicals and live productions, where the size of the transmitter plays a key role. Available frequencies for the SK 5212-II and EM 3732-II are 470-638 (L-band) and 614-697.9 (N-band).

The Ear Set 1 and Ear Set 4 microphones are designed for stage shows, broadcasting studios and presentations. They offer a robust and close-fitting mechanical design. The Ear Set 1 is said to be insensitive to pop and wind noise. The Ear Set 4 is designed for loud stage environments where it promises to effectively suppress ambient noise and offer excellent feedback rejection. Sennheiser states that both microphones are light, comfortable to wear, and highly resistant to perspiration and moisture. The ear clip and boom microphone can be easily adjusted to fit ear and head shape. The cable, which has low sensitivity to structure-borne sound, is very robust and has a diameter of only 1 mm.

Sennheiser says that the new Ear Sets can be used with all of is wireless systems; they include Sennheiser 3-pin connectors for the Sennheiser 2000, 3000 and 5000 professional series or a 3.5mm jack for pocket transmitters in the evolution wireless series. Ear Sets are available in beige or black.

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