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Sennheiser Announces Record Sales for 2005

Sennheiser announces that it experienced an almost 15-percent increase in sales during fiscal year 2005. The Sennheiser Group had sales of 300.4 million Euros over the year, with all geographical markets and all business sectors contributing to the growth.

“The continuously successful work performed by development, marketing and production, as well as the untiring commitment of our sales subsidiaries and partners in the individual countries, have made this good result possible,” stated Rolf Meyer, president, marketing and sales and speaker of Sennheiser’s executive committee, on presenting the balance sheet at the company’s press conference.

The proportion of new products in the overall sales volume accounted for 44.7 percent of sales, according to Dr. Heinrich Esser, president, research and development. “In 2005, these included, for example, the new top-of-the-range SKM 5200 handheld transmitter and the new 3250 wireless monitoring system. New headphone models, both in the segment of classical headphones and in our PX and PXC range of folding models, had a positive influence on our consumer electronics business.”

The company’s wireless technology was further optimized in order to address the spectrum problems caused by the introduction of DVB-T and the granting of broadcast frequency bands to other services. “Wireless systems from Sennheiser are a safe investment in the age of digital television,” said Esser.

The first half of 2006 has also been very successful for Sennheiser. “We plan to further strengthen our worldwide sales network,” said Meyer. “In mid-2005, we opened Sennheiser Nordic and intensified our sales activities in the Scandinavian region. Our next project will be to find a subsidiary in Russia.”

All the industrial sectors served by Sennheiser contributed to the company’s growth in 2005, which was the company’s 60th anniversary year. As in the previous years, the largest share of sales was once again generated by wireless technology (27.2 percent), followed by headphones (22.2 percent) and wired microphones (10.6 percent). Conference and information technology made up 7.8 percent, while audiology accounted for 7.3 percent. Sales of products from Sennheiser Communications, the specialist for headsets in the contact center, office and PC sectors, rose to 5.1 percent, followed by Neumann microphones, aviation products and products from the new subsidiary, K+H Vertriebs und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.

The American continent saw an increase of 15.0 percent to 88.9 million Euros, thus remaining the region with the strongest sales, followed by the Western and Southern Europe/Africa region with a rise in sales of 75.8 million Euros (up 10.7 percent). The highest rate of growth—19.6 percent—was achieved by the Asia and Australia region, where sales rose to 28.3 million Euros.

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