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Sennheiser Creates New Global Relations Division

Greg Beebe (Sennheiser’s Director, Global Relations)

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, based in Wedemark, Germany, has created a Global Relations division for providing service to high-profile events, corporations, artists, engineers and sound companies worldwide. The new division will support Sennheiser’s wired and wireless products as well as Georg Neumann and Klein + Hummel products.

“We established the Global Relations division because it will allow us to focus even more on customer satisfaction, and to operate harmoniously across borders, wherever our customers need assistance,” says Susanne Seidel, president of Global Marketing for Sennheiser. “I was very pleased to appoint Greg Beebe to the position of Director, Global Relations.” Beebe reports directly to Seidel.

“Sennheiser recognizes that many high-profile users—such as the Pan AM Games, the Olympics, Live Earth, Beyoncé, The Police, The Grammys, Live 8 and a myriad of other events and companies—travel the globe with our products or have permanent facilities in multiple countries, respectively,” says Beebe. “We felt it was imperative to offer a level of global support that transcended anything currently in place and to establish a new standard in our industry. The new Global Relations division ensures these customers have unfailing support at every stage of their relationship with Sennheiser, from acquisition of our products to their end use, across continents, covering all the issues involving worldwide frequency management, around the clock, every single day of the year.”

Kristy Jo Winkler (Relations Manager — Americas & Canada)

Global Support Manager Mick Whelan synchronizes service and support across borders for production organizations. Kristy Jo Winkler, based in Washington, DC, is responsible for artist relations in the Americas and Canada. Mark Saunders, based in the UK, is now in charge of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Vince Tan takes responsibility for Asia and Australia from his office in Singapore.

The team is rounded out by assistant Maryam Larki-Bavi, based at the Sennheiser headquarters in Germany, who coordinates all of the division’s internal logistics, including scheduling technical support, communicating relationships throughout the sales and marketing network, maintaining support service data, and interacting with clients or other stakeholders to assist with problem resolution.

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