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Sennheiser Donates HD 201 Headphones to Museum of Making Music

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (which will exhibit at Summer NAMM booth #1214) recently donated a generous supply of HD 201 headphones to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, Calif. The headphones have been incorporated into the museum’s popular interactive area, a room with more than a dozen hands-on instruments that visitors can play for themselves. Most of the instruments require headphones, which enable visitors to explore their own musicianship privately.

“Headphones are a most important, and sometimes overlooked, component of our visitors’ experience. All of our electronic interactive instruments rely on them. Without headphones, our guests wouldn’t be able to experiment and make their own music freely,” states executive director Carolyn Grant. “Unfortunately, headphones tend to receive the lion’s share of wear and tear with constant usage. We find ourselves having to replace them quite frequently.

“We can’t express our gratitude enough,” continues Grant. “It gives us great peace of mind to have the support of a company like Sennheiser. Their history of quality products lends to the positive experience that our visitors have at the museum.”

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