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Sennheiser Introduces Three New Mic Stands for Wireless Systems

Sennheiser MZFS 30 and MZFS 60 mic stands with MZH goosenecks and SKP 500 plug-on wireless transmitters

Sennheiser is introducing three new MZFS Series microphone stands that provide a cable connection at the base of the stand. With this new system, plug-on wireless transmitters can be attached to the bottom of the stand or, if preferred, cables can be connected at the base, eliminating the need to run the mic cable up the stand itself.

While the 60cm and 80cm variants are best suited for use as “wireless” floor stands at large events, the 30cm version is designed for television and panel discussions. The stands can be combined with a choice of Sennheiser MZH goosenecks and ME microphone heads, and can be converted to wireless operation using an SKP 3000 or SKP 500 plug-on transmitter.

The floor stands are fitted with a female XLR-3 connector and locking screw at their top to accommodate the gooseneck, and a right-angled male XLR-3 connector at the bottom.

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