Sennheiser Launches InfoPort Tech Base Website at NSCA 2006


Sennheiser is featuring its new InfoPort Tech Base at the 2006 NSCA Expo in booth 1629. The InfoPort Tech Base Website ( is a comprehensive electronic toolbox that includes tools that designers, consultants and contractors need to design and install systems using Sennheiser products. InfoPort Tech Base resources include DFX files, 3-D solid models, PDF files, high-resolution images, architectural specifications, and frequency response and polar patterns.

Matthias Ajple, manager of e-commerce and Web development at Sennheiser, will present hourly demonstrations of InfoPort’s features throughout the three-day show. After the show, interested customers will receive a professionally produced multimedia CD that highlights the features of InfoPort and contains demos of the Tech Base site's capabilities. The multimedia CD is not intended to provide a complete library of files, but rather to introduce Sennheiser's customer base to the InfoPort product.

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