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Sennheiser Launches MKH 8000 Series Microphones

Sennheiser is launching the MKH 8000 Series of microphones, which combine the company’s exclusive RF condenser technology with a compact, modular form factor and a range of application-specific accessories for broadcast, recording and performance use. The MKH 8000 Series is available in three models for speech, vocal and instrumental reproduction with an extremely wide frequency response.

The omni-directional MKH 8020, cardioid MKH 8040 and super-cardioid MKH 8050 each comprise two modules: the microphone head and a separate XLR module. For applications such as television, the XLR module may be removed and the mic head directly attached to one of Sennheiser’s special remote capsule accessories to create a compact microphone assembly. The black Nextel coating of the MKH 8000 Series promises to eliminate troublesome reflections and further optimize the mics for TV use.

The frequency response of the new MKH 8000 microphones ranges from 10 to 60k Hz (MKH 8020) and 30 to 50k Hz (MKH 8040 and MKH 8050). The pickup patterns have been designed for accuracy across the entire frequency response. The maximum SPL is 138 dB for the MKH 8020 and 142 dB for the MKH 8040 and MKH 8050.

The MKH 8000 Series is available in three sets ($1,299 each), and each set ships with microphone, wind screen, clip and aluminum transport case.

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