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Sennheiser Supports Ideawerks with Mics, Headphones

Andre Fischer (left) and Lance Sabin

This summer, Sennheiser donated high-end microphones and headphones—all with lifetime warranty, maintenance, and replacement—to support Minneapolis’ Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) initiative, which provides training and professional-grade audio and video equipment to the youth of Minneapolis via the city’s park system.

The equipment that populates the Ideawerks studio has much in common with the well-appointed studios of IPR. “If a pro deserves the best, then the next generation deserves the best, as well,” says Andre Fischer, the Grammy Award–winning executive director of music industries at IPR. “Ideawerks is not a dumbing down, it’s a lifting up. We want to raise expectations and frame students’ work with the same professionalism we expect of ourselves.

“In my professional career, I find that almost all of my microphone choices are Sennheiser or Neumann,” Fischer continues. “I don’t really use other mics. In preparation for Ideawerks, I knew I wanted the kids to hear that same professional detail that I expect of my own work. So of course, I approached Sennheiser.”

Workstations at Ideawerks

Sennheiser agreed to outfit the project with a complement of microphones with a lifetime warranty with free maintenance and replacement. Ideawerks students have access to three e 835 handheld vocal mics, three e 604s for toms/snares, one e 602 II for bass drum, two e 614 pencil mics for overheads, and two e 609 Silvers for guitar. In addition, 25 Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones will permit both live recording and private monitoring at workstations.

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For more information on Ideawerks, visit and read Barry Rudolph’s story, which appeared in Mix‘s August 2009 issue.