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Shadow Hills Industries Unveils New Website, Dual Vandergraph

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph stereo compressor

Boutique audio equipment manufacturer Shadow Hills Industries, formed in 2001 by Peter Reardon, has launched a new company Website featuring a visual aesthetic inspired by World War II and offering a wealth of information for those who already own Shadow Hills equipment (all user manuals are available for download) and those interested in purchasing products through Vintage King.

Additionally, Vintage King Audio, a leading dealer of high-end new and vintage recording equipment, is now shipping Shadow Hills’ Dual Vandergraph fully discrete stereo compressor, which was announced at the 2009 AES convention but unavailable until now. Vintage King Audio is the exclusive dealer of Shadow Hills’ equipment in the United States.

Vintage King Audio states that the Dual Vandergraph’s inner workings were developed from the discrete gain cells of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor combined with the Optograph’s flexible sidechain filter matrix. The Dual Vandergraph, designed by Peter Reardon and handcrafted in the U.S., also features a fully discrete, Class-A audio path with Shadow Hills’ custom iron transformers. Vintage King Audio also says that any number of Dual Vandergraph units can fit into any 500 Series rack.

For additional information, visit Vintage King Audio’s Dual Vandergraph page or