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Shure Debuts KSM353, KSM313 Ribbon Mics

Shure KSM313 ribbon microphone

From the 1950s through the ’80s, Shure manufactured classic ribbon microphones such as the Models 300, 315, 315S, 330, 333 and SM33. Now high-performance ribbon models bearing the Shure name are back, in the form of the KSM353 and KSM313 entries in the company’s acclaimed KSM Series.

The new mics use Roswellite ribbon material, offering higher tensile strength and more resilient shape-memory properties than traditional foil ribbons. While conventional ribbon mics can be damaged by loud sounds, the “shape memory” of Roswellite ribbons lets them withstand very high sound pressure levels over extended periods of time without damage.

“Our recent acquisition of Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones provided us with this opportunity,” says Scott Sullivan, Shure’s senior director of global product management. “There’s a general market perception that ribbon microphones aren’t durable enough to handle high SPL applications, like being closely miked on drums or a guitar cabinet on stage. That’s the great thing about Roswellite ribbons. This material is incredibly resilient, enabling these mics to be used, not only in the studio, but also in these high SPL applications.”

“We chose to maintain the two Crowley and Tripp Roswellite models, the El Diablo and the Naked Eye, and bring them into our KSM portfolio as the KSM353 and KSM313,” added Shure’s category manager for wired products Chad Wiggins. “We’re manufacturing these models true to the original Crowley and Tripp designs using the same production process, fixtures, tooling and materials.”

Hand assembled in the U.S. from state-of-the art transducers, transformers, and metals, the KSM353’s ribbon assembly is said to provide rich low-end, natural midrange and a rising response in the upper range, with a uniform, symmetrical bi-directional polar pattern.

The KSM313 features a “Dual-Voice” ribbon assembly that lets users choose from two different sound signatures. Addressing the front of the mic delivers a warm, full sound that is ideal for many instruments while addressing the rear side offers a bright, articulate sound that complements vocals.

Shipping now, the KSM353 has a $2,695 retail price, with the KSM313 retailing at $1,295, both with mahogany storage boxes and custom mounts. Shure will also assume responsibility for ongoing service and support for existing owners of Crowley and Tripp ribbon mic products.

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