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Shure Hosts Recording Clinic Featuring Keith Olsen

Keith Olsen (pictured), whose producing and engineering credits include such renowned artists as Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, and Whitesnake, recently shared some of his favorite miking techniques at a recording clinic hosted by Shure.

Titled “The Art and Science of Microphone Techniques for Studio Recording,” the event gave local musicians and recordists the opportunity to learn how technology and technique combine to create great recordings. The clinic was held in the state-of-the-art Performance and Listening Center at Shure’s Corporate Headquarters in Niles, Ill.

“We wanted to show people how the art and the science come together,” says Gino Sigismondi, Shure’s manager of technical training. “Shure has a legacy of outstanding recording microphones, but the key is to know how to apply them to suit different recording situations. Keith Olsen is an expert at putting the right mic in the right spot to capture the energy and emotion of great performances.”

During the session, Olsen shared practical advice and tips on the proper selection and placement of microphones and the importance of good room acoustics, especially in a home recording environment.

“I enjoy being able to give back to our recording community,” Olsen says. “I was impressed at the thoroughness of the Shure portion of the presentation and their attention to detail. I’m hopeful that the participants walked away with a firmer understanding of both acoustics and how it affects what the microphone ‘hears.’”

Shure Applications Engineers explained the science of how microphones operate, including transducer types, frequency response and polar patterns. “Knowing how microphones work is essential to getting what you want from them,” Sigismondi says. “Without that fundamental knowledge, you can waste a lot of time on approaches that don’t work well, and miss the best take of the session.”

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